JEL Master Web Package

JEL Technology - Web 2.0This package is aimed at small to medium businesses.  This company endorses Web 2.0 technologies.  Web 2.0 simply means User Generated Dynamic Content as opposed to Static Content. 

In simple terms, this company and its owners recognizes the ease of use of Facebook or MySpace and is comfortable using these types of systems to edit web content.  This company does not want to call 'Their Web Designer Guy' every time they need an update or want to add additional content.  This company wants to establish a presence on the Internet to drive new customer sales and provide added value to existing.  This business wants an affordable solution.

 What JEL Technology Provides:

 1 Year Domain Registration - We'll work with you to find the most effective domain name for your business.

Free Content Management System - This means we build your initial Web Site in an industry standard Content Management System or CMS for short.  This CMS is what allows you as the owner of your site to easily update or customize content at any time without any technical computer knowledge.  You NO longer need to hunt down your 'Web Site Guy' any time you want to make a change.  We use industry standard DotNetNuke 5.0 (DNN for short) as your Portal Framework.  This software is Open Source and supported by 1000's of programmers.  It runs on industry standard Microsoft IIS Web Server, Microsoft .NET Framework, and Microsoft SQL Server.  Don't fall for a flimsy 'mickey mouse' solution offered by some others. 

5 Page Web Site - JEL Technology will work with you to develop a unique and beautiful look and feel for your Web Site.  We will then solicit the necessary information to developed the content for your Web Site.  A typical web site consists of the following pages: Home, Services, About Us, FAQ, and Contact Us.  The final outcome for the 5 pages is totally up to you.  More pages can be added at additional cost.  After the final design implementation, you are free to update your own content yourself at any time.  All you will need is a Web Browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox.  No technical HTML knowledge is necessary.  If you can type a Word document, you can edit your Web Site.

$20 worth of Art - In the old days of the Internet, people used to steal each others web site graphics and artwork as if it was The Wild West.  These days, not only is stealing unauthorized graphics a copyright infringement, but the artist truly loses money.  JEL Technology only works with Stock Photos which have been properly purchased or licensed.  If you want a site with tons of art, no problem.  You will be charged additional for any art with no price markup.  You pay what we pay.

Free Search Engine Submission and Web Site Search optimization - We'll make sure your site is optimally indexed by the major Internet Search Engines such as Google and Bing.  Customers these days find your Business using Internet Search.  They are not skimming through the Yellow pages like days past..

1 Year Web Hosting - Your web site will be hosted at a First Class hosting company.  The Web Site responsiveness and reliability are of primary concern.  After your first year, you will be charged $14.99/month.  There are no obligations or contracts.

1 Hour of Free Web Site updates per month - If you need any changes to content or look and feel, we will perform 1 hour of service per month free of charge for the first year.  Any additional time will be quoted at $20/hour.  You should not need much of our help using the CMS since you can make updates yourself at any time.  However, it is good to know support is there if you need it.

Free monthly reports - JEL Technology will compile a monthly Web Site performance report which will be emailed to you.  This report will detail traffic and search patterns so its effectiveness can be measured.

Options to Expand - Do you someday dream of selling your products or services online directly from your Web Site?  Do you have a large catalog of items to post to an Online Catalog?  Do you want to add a Blog or Wiki to your Web Site?  The options are unlimited and only restricted by your imagination.  Do you want a system where you can add product, updates pricing, and track stock easily?  The DNN Portal solution implemented by JEL Technology can provide you these options easily at a low additional cost.  Ask for a quote.

Typically your site will be up and running in under two weeks.

All this for $699-$799
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"Hello JEL,
I own a small restaurant and bar in my home town.  I currently own a web site but I'm not quite sure what I get for the money.  They are charging me almost $150 every month.  I have bands that play every few weeks and it seems like a major pain in the you know what to get the announcements posted on my site.  The web company I'm with charges me for these updates every time I call them.  If I had the time, I would learn how to create me own web pages.  What kinds of prices do you have?" - Paul

Hello Paul,
Sorry to hear you are spending so much for your Internet Web Site.  We offer a easy to use CMS system for your Web Site at a very simple cost.  CMS stands for Content Management System.  What this means in layman's terms is that you can update your Web Site yourself whenever you need.  All you need is a computer with Internet access.  No technical knowledge is necessary.  We take care of your Web Site layout and the look and feel.  You then can make updates any time you want. If you're ever unsure, we are always here to guide you.  We also provide complete video instructions to help you maintain your site if necessary.

So if you have bands playing this week at your bar, you could easily add this announcement yourself.  No need to call your expensive 'Web Guy'.  The CMS can provide much more.  Say you want to post a Menu of your restaurants meals.  You could easily update, add new items, change pricing etc at any time.  Say you want customers to register at your site so you can send them announcements by email, we can do that.
Give us a call at your convenience so we can discuss the details. - JEL Technology


Content management Features

Master Web 

Master Web +


The ability to change and add any content, images and menus yourself hassle free


All Logo design, Web Template Design, Graphics

Standard menu set

Site Maps

Website Search facility

Enquiry Form straight to your email/s - Can have multiple email forms for any purpose

Web Event Calendar

Photo Gallery

Mailing List

Chat module

RSS Feeds

Web Polls

Contact List


Shopping Module

Users ability to change web templates for different look and feel

1 Free training session*

On Going Support for the first 12 months of installation.*

Pricing $699.00* $799.00* $1,199.00*

* These prices are for Typical Engagements and should be used as a ball park figure.  Every project has different needs and budgets.  We'll develop a custom quote specific for your Business.

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