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JEL Technology offers Superb Web Design and hosting services without breaking the bank. Minimize
JEL Technology provides affordable Web Design and Hosting

Just like any good business, we quote you up front for any design or creation. JEL Technology truly believes in the KISS principal: Keep It Simple Stupid! There are No maintenance or other hidden fees.

If you stay with JEL Technology through the years as we hope, your only reoccurring expense will for your hosting costs which normally run well under $200/year. Your hosting is simply your server space and bandwidth for your web site pages and data. We affiliate with some of the best hosting companies in the country:
JEL Technology Uses Hosting - World's No.1 Domain Name Registrar

When you need major changes, we will quote you at our normal hourly rate. You own all the content we create so you can change providers at any time. We will also provide you with Analytical Site Traffic data that you can use to verify the effectiveness of your web site content.

SEO Minimize

If a company calls you and claims they can increase your web site traffic and sales using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and by purchasing AdWords through Google, take pause.  Before you throw a bunch of money away on ad campaigns, first be sure your web site is effective.  Your web site is the most cost effective media available to market your business.

JEL Technology - SEO CompanyWe are not a SEO or marketing/advertising company. What we are is a group of dedicated IT professionals who have been involved with the World Wide Web since its inception. We will be sure to create a cost effective web site keenly focused to your marketing needs.  Your web site will stand out on its own merit.  No need to throw advertising money away unless you are in a highly competitive market and your site is already highly optimized.

Web 2.0 Minimize

If you want to delve in deeper and maintain your own web content, JEL Technology can implement one of many Portal solutions for the similar low costs.  These 'Portal' solutions allow anyone authorized to easily modify Web content without any in-depth HTML knowledge. 

These solutions are industry proven and offer tons of community support.  So with the same ease of updating Facebook, you can add new content to your Business web pages.  As an additional bonus, these portal solutions can provide your business with an internet based shared document storage.  This means employees could get at crucial company documents from anywhere with Internet access.  This solution could also allow better collaboration between businesses with multiple locations.

Custom Graphics Minimize

JEL Technology - Graphic and Logo DesignIf you need to design a logo or 'Look' for your company, we partner with many local graphics artists who will be more than happy to assist you.  We will use our knowledge and experience to help market your business and drive revenues in the most cost effective ways.

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