"Do you have WiFi?"

JEl Technology - Installs WiFi Access PointsDo you hear this question often?  These days internet access can be purchased reasonably from your local phone or cable company.  Usually the costs are less than $50/month.  JEL Technology can help implement a safe and secure Wireless Internet solution at your sales location to better your clients experience.  For just the cost of hardware and setup, your customers can be happily occupied with your
Free Fast Wireless Internet Access.

Do you have other Networking concerns?

JEL Technology is well versed in networking technology and protocols.  If you have any questions concerning networking as applied to Internet applications or devices, we have expertise.  Simply give us a call.  Do you have a credit card machine commonly called a POS and you would like to network it instead of tying up a telephone line?  We can help.  Would you like to implement VoIP also known as Voice over Internet Protocol and get rid of your old phone lines to save costs on long distance?  We can guide you through the process.


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